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Why pay fees to research Franchise Disclosure Documents? At FranZoom database access is FREE!

Are you a current Franchisor or thinking about Franchising your business?  If you answered yes, then read on to find out why Franchise Disclosure Documents are essential to your franchise business. Let’s discuss for a minute the importance of Franchise Disclosure Documents.  Compiling accurate Franchise Disclosure Documents is the first step towards a successful and… (read more)

Does Your State Require Compliance and use of the Franchise Offering Circular!

FYI – As of now UFOCs may no longer be used for franchise sales anywhere in the U.S. – FDD – Franchise Disclosure Document  is the new format. The Federal Trade Commission notes 15 states within the United States that require the use of a Franchise Offering Circular.  Thirteen of the 15 states require franchisors… (read more)

How to Franchise Your Business

Business owners have the opportunity to transform their companies into franchises. This is the perfect solution for those interested in faster business growth and more revenue. The basics of franchising an existing business lie in the preparation of the most important franchise documents – Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Template, Franchise Operations Manual, and Franchise Agreement…. (read more)