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Seller’s Permit For Online Auctions

Today’s fast, competitive online market makes it easy for anyone to buy or sell goods and services on the internet. EBay and other auction sites connect buyers and sellers quickly, making them potentially profitable arenas for anyone looking to earn some extra cash. But be aware: depending on the nature of your auction site usage,… (read more)

Types of Business Licenses and Permits

The last thing you want to find out after starting your business is that you have failed to conform to the law by not filing for the right permits for your business. Before establishing a small business, you should pay attention to your town, city, and county regulations. In most locations, every business needs a… (read more)

S-Corp Election

Incorporation is a big step toward success for you and your business. Chances are you’ve considered the key benefits of incorporation: Secure personal assets through liability protection Save money on taxes Establish credibility with customers There are many people who consider S-Corporation election when forming their new corporation. An S-Corporation offers both advantages and disadvantages… (read more)