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Copyright Registration: Why Wait?

Copyright registration is automatic; your work, whether it is a novel, a photograph, an architectural drawing, or any other eligible type of intellectual property, is automatically protected by a copyright. And official US Copyright Office registration costs $35. So why would anyone ever want to pay for an official copyright registration? Let’s take a closer… (read more)

Design Patents

A design patent may be useful in your business. This article breaks down what a Design patent is. The type of patent we are covering in this article is the design patent. Like the name suggests, a design patent is used to grant the inventor rights to how an invention actually looks. The design patent… (read more)

Utility Patents

A utility patent serves an important purpose. This article will go over that purpose and how it affects you. The utility patent; this is what most people think of when they think of patents at all. Utility patents are awarded in the case of inventors who have designed a new machine, or discovered a more… (read more)