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LLC Vs S Corp Vs C Corp

When you start any kind of business, you will have to think about the type of business structure that will be right for you. There are three typical forms of incorporating. You can look for example at an LLC vs S Corp and decide from there how your business will work best. Let’s look at… (read more)

Limited Liability Partnership – Business With a Twist

A partnership, as we all know, is a kind of business in which the liability for the business is shared by two or more partners. A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a special kind of partnership that can be formed by two or more persons. An LLP business is run by one active partner and… (read more)

Limited Partnerships

Business formation can be a very confusing and time consuming process. One of the most basic decisions you will make when forming your business is whether or not to have a partnerships. While the two options of sole ownership and general partnership are well known, in the state of Texas and throughout the United States… (read more)