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Bylaws – The Guts of a Corporation

Most states make forming a corporation relatively painless by providing forms for practically everything. The bylaws of the corporation, however, are an area you don’t want to rely on a form. What Are Bylaws? Bylaws are the technical rules that govern how a corporation will be run. They are a private document for the corporation… (read more)

LLC Operating Agreement: The Basics

Your LLC Operating Agreement is a document kept internally, signed by all members and kept on file with the limited liability company itself. It is not filed with a specific government entity, nor does it have a deadline or due date — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the most important documents your… (read more)

Registered Agent Services: What Every Business Owner Needs To Know?

It’s important to note, business owners who choose to form a corporation or LLC will be required to have a registered agent. Although this is a common requirement, several business owners are opting for third party registered agent service providers instead of hiring their own lawyer/registered agent. This is due to the fact that third… (read more)