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A Must Read Review for Franchisors!


FYI- This is a paid review by an external provider.

There are a number of companies which sell legal documents and templates to assist business owners in expanding into a franchise.  Having reviewed these various companies, it was found that Franzoom.com provides a reliable product at an affordable price.  Therefore, Franzoom.com is our top choice for anyone trying to begin their franchise.


Review of Franzoom’s franchising Products

It should be known, that there are a number of websites in which you can find a downloadable franchise agreement for free.  If the franchise agreement document is legally binding at all, you take the risk of their being mistakes which can create serious loopholes.  Therefore, although this is definitely an option for you, it is best to find documents which are guaranteed, reviewed by a lawyer, and that you are sure are 100% compliant with the FTC.

That being said, this review will only concentrate on those companies which offer 100% FTC compliancy.  It is surprising to see how many templates that are being offered are not.  On the other hand, many of the franchise template packages which are compliant, such as those found on Franchise-Templates.com are extremely expensive.  This is one of the major advantages Franzoom.com has over its competition.

Franzoom.com allows you to buy their products individually or in packages.  The packages are created to give you all the documents that you need to complete your business’ transform.  Buying these documents in packages not only gives you access to more information, but is much cheaper than buying the documents one by one.  Many of the websites offering these documents, such as, only allow you to do this.  All of Franzoom’s documents are completely complementary to each other.  This is a feature you won’t find if you try to purchase documents individually through several different companies.

So, what are you left with?  Either you buy a completely compliant package from a company for a completely irrational price, or you purchase each individually as you need them.  You can, of course, find some of these types of documents for free, but at what risk to your business?

When reviewing all available features in the industry, Franzoom.com was found to be the most viable option for purchase.  The following explains why we choose Franzoom.com as our top choice:

  1. Support:  When inquiries are sent, you get a professional reply, however.  Support can be gained easily through their website, Franzoom.com.
  2. Quality and ease of use: The templates they sell are professional and easy to use. We have compared it to other templates we bought and there is no difference between these and the more expensive legal documents that are available.  There is no sense in paying extra for the same basic product.  Each of the templates is designed to be easily understood and feature “sticky note-guides” where clarification may be needed.  One of their best features is that each template is created in Microsoft Word, and therefore fully customizable.
  3. FTC compliance: All of the templates provided by this company have been reviewed by a professional attorney.  This ensures that they are 100% FTC Compliant.  Therefore, by buying this package you are not only saving money now, but also avoiding any chance of having litigation issues in the future.
  4. Industry compliance: Franzoom’s templates are best suited for service and retail franchises but can be easily adjusted to all industries.
  5. Try before you buy option: They allow you to download quite a few samples franchising templates from the variety that they offer.  This includes the Operations Manual Template and the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Template.
  6. The variety of templates offered:
    1. Franchise Operations Manual Template – The most important thing that you can do when franchising your business is to make sure that everything is clear to your franchisees.  This will help ensure that your business is operated both professionally and successfully.  This Franchise Operation’s Manual contains the information need to ensure consistency throughout each branch of your business, protecting your good name and profitability. Click to view
    2. Franchise Agreement Template – Although this template is slightly expensive, it is probably the most important template, as it is the binding agreement between you and your franchisee(s).  Again, knowing that this template is attorney reviewed and FTC Compliant gives you the comfort of knowing you have done everything in your power to ensure your rights and obligations, as well as those of your franchisee. Click to view
    3. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Template  – This template contains 23 items of disclosure, which informs the franchisee(s) of their rights and obligations.  If needed, this document can be adjusted to specific business model.  Click to view
    4. Existing FDDs & UFOCs Database – This is one of the GREAT benefits Franzoom offers – getting any existing FDD on any other places would cost around $99 PER FDD. Here you get the entire database for $99!  In addition the database is frequently updated online, and therefore gives you access to the most recent UFOCs & FDDs. 
      The database contains financial statements, multiunit agreements, deposit agreements, account assumption agreements, software license agreements, and deposit agreements.  This database also gives you an opportunity to see how the most successful franchises are being operated.   You can search the database by both industry or company name. Click to view
    5. Additional templates, Tools and Resources – A comprehensive kit of franchise development tools includes very important information & resources that are needed to run a successful franchise.  e.g. Guide to SBA Franchise Application & Eligibility Requirements, How to Protect Your Intellectual Property?, Potential Franchisee Inquiry Request Form, Background-Check Authorization Form, Guide to State Franchise Regulations, Forms & Documents for Franchise Operations, Guide to Track Sales & Calculate Royalties, and more. Click to view
    6. FranZoom’s Exclusive Underground Guide to Franchising – This is one of FranZoom’s most prized products.  This is a step-by-step guide which provides many of the methodologies used by the pros to expand their business.  It was written by senior franchising advisor, Willliam Taylor, and is stated to be able to “save you, as a business owner, the thousands of dollars inexperience franchising newbies have wasted” when trying to create a successful franchising business model. Click to view
  1. Cost: When compared with other companies which offer comparable quality, Franzoom.com definitely offer the best prices in the industry.  In addition, with other companies, such as HowtoFranchiseYourBusiness.com, you have to purchase the complete package or each template individually.  This can be costly.  Franzoom.com has several template packages to choose from and still allows you to purchase the templates separately.


Product Pro’s, Con’s and Bottom Line ROI

– When reviewing customer and critical reviews of this product, you will find it fairly clear that this product is both reliable and far more affordable than other franchising materials.  In fact, there are not many complaints about this product and it has been proven helpful and successful in a wide range of different industries and countries.

A critical review of this template, which can be found on GlobalSoftware.com, states that “the people behind this certainly gave critical attention to virtually every angle in the franchise operation.”  The review continues, stating that these templates “will certainly bring out the best of your franchise company”.

E-Scam.com states that Franzoom Franchise a Business is “almost cheap for a product that really works and provides results”.  The website also gives the company a 5-star rating in both the editor’s rating and the user ratings (out of 4,563 votes cast).  In addition, BlockScams.com gives Franzoom products extremely high rankings in ease of use, support, price, features, reliability, and users’ experience.

Obviously, there is little risk involved in trying out this product.  However, if you buy it and are unsatisfied the product comes with a 60 days unconditional return policy and a money back guarantee.

Click Here for Franzoom.com website